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We know how important data can be for your business. That’s why we built Atom to serve your unique needs, and why we keep adding new capabilities that are designed to make your lives easier and your data more impactful. Read about our new features and integrations.

SDK Languages

Take data that’s already flowing and redirect it to our data pipeline. Our SDK list is always growing. Need us to add something? Let us know.









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Data Collection

Atom Data Flow Management allows you to customize your data flow to match the unique needs of your business. You’re never locked out of your data and never locked into service providers.

Multi region collection layer

Our flexible design allows clients to send any data, from any source, in any format, to arrive in their data warehouse of choice in near real-time. Globally distributed collection agents allow you to send logs through our system at high speeds, giving you maximum coverage and reliability.

Low latency performance

Atom’s collection layer is deployed in multiple regions around the world, enabling international customers to send and report their data to the nearest proxy. This in turn leads to lower latency, better performance, and higher speeds.

Pause/Play and Replay

Atom Data Flow Management lets you pause the flow of data into your tables and clusters to vacuum or do maintenance, and then resume the flow without losing a single event. While the flow is paused, all of the incoming data is backed up and secured.

Processing your data

Atom’s processing layer transforms and enriches your data, helping you turn raw logs into queryable fields and rich insights. The transformation code is written in python and can be customized according to your unique business needs.


IP to Country


Data Decryption


Currency Conversion

Target Features

Amazon Redshift

  • Real-Time Monitoring of Load Speeds and Load Errors
  • Redshift Optimizer
  • Pause/Play and Replay

Google BigQuery

  • Real-Time Monitoring of Load Speeds and Load Errors
  • Reduced Stream Costs
  • Pause/Play and Replay

Amazon S3

  • Real-Time Monitoring of Load Speeds and Load Errors


  • Real-Time Monitoring of Load Speeds and Load Errors
  • Pause/Play and Replay

Google Storage

  • Real-Time Monitoring of Load Speeds and Load Errors

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